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Germany has lots to offer for a good Interrail adventure! From the nightlife and history that you can find in the capital city of Berlin, the musical city of Leipzig all the way to the mouth watering cuisine in Bavaria.

Berlin - for a bit of history

Start of your German Interrail Adventure in Berlin situated on the north-eastern tip of the country, the German capital is full of history, culture and an awesome nightlife scene. 

Interrail in BerlinStart your day by taking a trip on the city's the S-bahn to make your way to the heart of town and once you get there be sure to explore the area of the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor). Take your time to take in all the history that surrounds the former city gate, with the Reichstag building only a block a away and a walk down the “Unter den Linden”  (under the linden trees) boulevard offering you lots more snippets of history. Including great works of historic architecture such as the Berlin Cathedral  and the State Library. A trip to the remains of the Berlin wall that divided the east from the west for many years, should also not be missed.

A little bit of a Party too!

After a day of exploring the city, making the most of Berlin’s nightlife is also a must. Head towards the east of the city to find the main nightlife districts of the German capital. Make your way to the venues in the Mitte district or explore the bars and clubs north of Hackescher Markt and the clubs tucked away behind Alexanderplatz should definitely be tried too by any Interrailler that enjoys a good night out. You could always head to Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg neighbourhood situated around Schlesisches Tor and then there is the Prenzlauer Berg area around Eberswalder Str. Station too. From Jazz, techno, pop and rock to Irish Pub's and other ultimate traveller night spots to suit all budget's, Berlin basically has something to offer every Interrail party animal!

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Central Germany- lots of culture and history in between

Whilst the German capital is a good starting point for anyone wanting to explore Germany with Their Interrail Pass, central Germany has lots to offer too! Especially when it comes to culture and history. 


If you are passionate about music then the city of Leipzig is a must stopover during your Germany Interrail adventure whilst on your way to the south of Germany. Sometimes referred to as Germany’s city of music the city does really live up to its other name.  With its musical events dating all the way back to the 1723 the city does have lots of musical history which is worth exploring.  From being the working home of Johann Sebastian Bach for well over 20 years as well as being the home town of Richard Wagner and the city of choice for many other musical talents. To being the base of the world famous Gewandhaus Orchestra and more modern music festivals like the Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT) and the r Jazz Days festival.  If none of this is quite down your street then take a stroll around the city where you will find plenty of venues that offer live music on a daily basis.


We like to think of it as the city of Skyscrapers, but obviously Frankfurt has lots more to offer than just amazing architecture. It is also known as the city of contrasts! Where magnificent old buildings full of history are only a few minutes’ walk away from stunning pieces of modern architecture and bankers, students and people from all sorts of nationalities add to the great atmosphere of the city.

With plenty of touristy things to do, Frankfurt sure is a great city for an Interrail holiday too! Visit the Palmengarten or take a trip up the Main Tower Skyscraper to enjoy an amazing   360 º view of the entire city. The Römer square and the museums along the River Main are also tourist attractions that should not be missed. But if you want to enjoy an Interrail adventure that’s a little more off the beaten track then you should definitely pay the neighbourhoods of Nordend and Sachsenhausen a visit too.

Bavaria- Great cuisine, plenty of beer and lots of fun too.

Bavaria, the largest state within Germany situated in the south of the country sure is a piece of paradise for any food lover. 

Be sure to explore Munich, the capital of the region that is filled with everything and anything that makes Bavaria, Bavaria!

No visit to Munich is complete without making the most of the mouth watering food that the city has to offer! Ranging from Leberkäse, Weißwurst and all kinds of Knödel or a full on Sauerbraten main meal To the more sweet tastes like a slice of “Bienenstich” literally translated as Bee-sting or a Funkenküchle, which is the tasty Bavarian equivalent of a doughnut!  

Be sure not to leave the city without trying a beer or to in the many of the city’s Beer Gardens. But if your passion for beer runs even deeper, then a brewery tour through one of Munich’s many breweries could be right down your street. Learn all about the different types of beer, the purity law, beer revolutions and beer battles throughout the history of the city and find out why the Bavarian capital is so fond of all its beer.

Of course a visit to the heart of Bavaria would not be complete without taking part in the most famous Bavarian festival in the world. If you are thinking of Interrailling in October then a visit to the Oktoberfest in Munich is a must.  The Ultimate beer festival starts in late September and runs for a good 16 days until the first weekend in October. With millions of litres of Beer served and lots of good Bavarian food on offer, including dishes like Hendl (chicken), Schweinebraten (roast pork),  Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick) and Würstl (sausages). We think it goes without saying that if you are an Interrailer that loves a good bit of food, beer and party, then the Oktoberfest is bound to be the perfect treat for you.

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