France Railway Information

Most of the French railway network is operated by SNCF. ger railway network in Finland is operated by VR Ltd and covers 5867 km.

Train Service:

InterCity & regional trains:

The main rail network in France is made up of the following regional trains and intercity trains:

  • TER trains: These link most French towns and cities and operate frequent services.
  • InterCité (intercity) trains: These connect the main towns and cities across France.

Domestic high-speed trains in France:
French domestic high-speed trains are run by TGV and travel at speeds of 320 km/h (200 mph). TGV trains transport passengers quickly and comfortably to cities across France, including from Paris to popular destinations like Bordeaux, Lyons (Lyon), Marseille and Nice.

Domestic night trains in France:

The InterCités de Nuit night trains connect Paris to various destinations in the east, west and south of France, by night.

International connections:

These international high-speed trains operate to and from France:

  • Eurostar: Connects Paris and Lille to London (Great Britain) via the Channel Tunnel, and Lille to Brussels (Belgium).
  • Thalys: Links Paris to Amsterdam (Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Cologne (Germany).
  • TGV: Connects Paris to Luxembourg city (Luxembourg), Lille to Brussels (Belgium), Paris to Turin and Milan (Italy) and Paris to Figueres (Spain).
  • TGV Lyria: Links Paris to Geneva and Zurich (Switzerland).
  • ICE: Connects Paris to Frankfurt and Munich (Germany)
  • Talgo du Jour (Mare Nostrum): Links Montpellier to Barcelona (Spain) and continues south to Valencia and Murcia (Spain).

Train stations of bordering countries:

With an InterRail pass valid in France you can travel to the following train stations of countries that border France:

  • Basel (Switzerland)
  • Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Portbou (Spain)
  • Ventimiglia (Italy)

Facilities and services on trains:

Bikes on trains

Bicycles are allowed upon purchase of a special bike ticket. 

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