Enjoy 1st Class Travel           

Choose 1st class travel for a calmer and more comfortable Interrail experience!

Whether you are planning an Interrail journey across longer distances with the Global Pass or just want that extra bit of comfort, 1st class train travel is definitely something to think about.

Here are some reasons why we think it is worth considering:


The Space

With more legroom and seats larger than those of 2nd class coaches, your 1st class journey is bound to be a comfortable one.


The Comfort

1st class carriages are quieter, calmer and more spacious. Perfect for you if you want to unwind or just prepare yourself for your next destination.


The Facilities

Want to be sure that you will have enough space to store all the additional language that you are likely to accumulate during your travels? Then the larger luggage storage spaces of 1st class carriages will be just right for you!


The Additional Extras

Want to stay up to date with what is going on in the rest of the world or don’t want to worry too much about what to eat? Then the following additional facilities offered by some high-speed trains could be just what you need.

• Complimentary drink and snack
• Free newspaper
• Wi-Fi Internet connection
• Power sockets


A 1st class Interrail Pass is definitely a worthwhile option if you are a lover of luxury or just want more comfort for a little bit extra.

Note: The majority of trains in Norway only have 2nd class coaches. 

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