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My Interrail believes that inspiration is key to having an unforgettable Interrail holiday.

Explore Europe on a budget

Looking for a new adventure for 2020? Interrail is the perfect way to travel across Europe for less and no flights needed.
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Off the beaten tracks

With an abundance of pristine castles, idyllic mountain ranges, turquoise rivers, modern cuisine and an Italian influenced coastline, make Slovenia your next must see (budget friendly) European destination by rail!
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Top European Cities to visit right now

Europe contains a rich tapestry of culture, traditions and charm. With coasts, beaches, castles, palaces, old towns and mountains to explore – there’s only one way to do it…
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Greek Island Hopping

If you haven’t added Greece to your bucket list, it’s time to reconsider. With so many ‘insta’ worthy views to see and explore, we have the perfect way to help you ferry around Greece at your own pace.
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Summer-worthy European train journeys

Sometimes it’s not just about where you’re going but how you get there. Philosophical musings aside, we mean the literal journey, in this case - trains. It’s the summer and there’s no better time to add a little extra travel time to your vacation to take
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