Be Inspired - Go Interrail!

My InterRail believes that inspiration is key to having an unforgettable Interrail holiday.

So to uphold this belief we have decided to give you some ideas to make your Interrail experience as unique as you want it to be.


Top European Art Cities

Europe Art with Interrail

Europe is full of amazing art and culture, it’s definitely a slice of paradise for any art lover. 

Discover our favourite art cities that you could be discovering with an Interrail Global Pass right here.

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Europe In Pictures

Europe in pictures- Interrail

Do you want to know what awaits you in Europe before you start planning your Interrail adventure? 

Then have a browse through our image gallery and get a taste of Europe's top 5 Interrail destinations from the comfort of your seat.

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An Interrail Adventure

A summer Interrail adventure

Europe is definitely a place to have fun with your mates and an Interrail adventure is a way to do just that.

That's exactly why we have decided to send two Youth travellers on an Interrail trip of their own.

Follow there adventure here.

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Top European Cities to visit right now

Europe contains a rich tapestry of culture, traditions and charm. With coasts, beaches, castles, palaces, old towns and mountains to explore – there’s only one way to do it…

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Top Interrail Destinations

Top European Events

Curious what the most popular Interrail countries are?

Then simply click through and explore what the 5 most travelled Interrail destinations are.

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Top European UNESCO World Heritage Sites 

World Heritage With Interrail

With well over 450 sites, Europe is home to some of the most amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But with so much choice we have decided to narrow things down and give you a few of our favourites. 

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Interrail Is For Seniors Too 

Whatever your age the Interrail Pass range now makes it possible for everyone to enjoy a nice rail adventure.

From professional mature bloggers to enthusiastic Senior travellers, everyone seems to love an Interrail adventure.

Have a look at this section and see how much fun Interrailing can be at a later stage in life. 

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Interrail With The Family

An Interrail Pass is a great way to get around during any type of family holiday. Discover some of our Interrail family holiday ideas using a flexible 3 day Interrail One Country Pass.

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Interrail 1st Class Travel

There are lots of different reasons why 1st class travel with Interrail is worth considering.

Read on now and find out what they are!

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Europe Autumn Fun

Europe Art with Interrail

Autumn in Europe is a delight and there are a few things going on all around the Continent which will spice up any autumn Interrail adventure even more.

Discover some events that you could be discovering with an Interrail Global Pass right here.

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