Train Reservations & Supplements



Seat and berth reservations are available up to 3 months in advance. We therefore recommend booking your Interrail Pass and reservations 3 months in advance to secure your first choice travel plans, especially if you are using Eurostar.

Interrail by National Rail cannot give refunds for Passes where not enough time was given to obtain Passholder reservations. Please see details below for which trains need reserving and how...


Can I travel without a reservation?

Your Interrail Pass covers most trains in Europe. You can easily travel around the country or countries covered by your Pass on local, regional and InterCity trains.
However, some countries have compulsory reservation trains that you cannot board without a reservation made in advance (just like an airline) and Passholder discounted reservations are very limited on these services.
You should check the reservation status of the trains you wish to travel on in each country (see below). We recommended making your reservations 3 months in advance (when they become available to book) to guarantee your seat or berth and give you peace of mind when travelling! 
Examples of compulsory reservation services are:

How can I make reservations?

View Eurail Group's central reservation page here (opens in new window) for more details or use the Rail Planner App to make seat reservations.

What prices will I pay?

The indicative prices below, collated by Eurail Group, are a good guide to what you are expected to pay. Remember advance booking is compulsory for all trains listed above in addition to some regular trains in high-season and during peak times, for your peace of mind. 

Ways to find out prices: