Interrail Passes

Choose from 2 types of train pass to explore Europe. An Interrail Global Pass giving you flexible train travel in 30 countries. Alternatively explore a specific country of your choice with an Interrail One Country Pass

Interrail Global Pass

Discover 30 countries in Europe 

Global Pass - Flexible train travel in 30 countries

Prices from

  • One pass valid for 30 European countries
  • Buy up to 11 months in advance
  • Unlimited train journeys per travel day

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Interrail One Country Pass

Explore one country in Europe

One Country Pass - Flexible travel throughout one country

Prices from

  • One pass valid for the country of your choice
  • Select your preferred number of travel days
  • Unlimited train journeys per travel day
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How the Interrail Pass works

  • Global passes are now valid for travel in country of residence Find out more.
  • Interrail passes can only be used by residents of Europe, Russia and Turkey.
  • Travel is only permitted for the countries and number of travel days specified on your pass.
  • We offer a ticket protection plan to protect you from theft or loss of the ticket. Find out more.
  • For UK residents, delivery is shipped using a secure and recorded next day service. A £10 delivery fee applies. Find out more.
  • There are 4 different passenger types available: child, youth, adult and senior.
  • Passes are available to use on major networks (excluding sleeper trains) throughout Europe.