Ticket Protection Plan

We know how important it is for you to have peace of mind and know your holiday is protected from unforeseen events. That is why we recommend the Ticket Protection Plan to all our customers.

Rail passes are like cash, if you are travelling in Europe and your rail pass is lost or stolen, you will not receive a refund unless you have our Ticket Protection Plan.

Under the Ticket Protection Plan, you are entitled to a full refund of the unused portion of your original rail passes. This service is available for only £12 and covers all rail passes issued on our website.

Terms and conditions of the programme are as follows:


We will reimburse the pass holder named on the rail pass issued by this site for the theft or accidental loss of the rail pass, subject to the following Exclusions, limitations and conditions.

1.1 A Loss means the theft or accidental loss of the rail pass.

1.2 Effective period of coverage is the period from the moment the pass holder arrives at their destination until the moment they return.

1.3 Programme agreements apply only to loss sustained during the effective period.


This programme does not apply to any loss caused by:

2.1 Delay, detention or confiscation by customs officers, officials, police or other security officers.

2.2 War, invasion, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection of military or usurped power.

2.3 Any dishonest, fraudulent or criminal act by the pass holder.

Limits of Liability:

The limits of liability shall be the lesser of the actual cash value of the rail pass at the time of the loss; or the unused portion of the rail pass - which is calculated by the total number of valid days allowed within the rail pass duration less the valid days used.

The loss date shall be the date on which the pass holder reported the loss to the police, under the following condition 3.2, whichever is later.


Each claim will be reimbursed, for the unused value of the original lost or stolen pass, to the individual who paid for the coverage and met all the requirements as described herein.

3.1 The pass holder is responsible for the safety, security and supervision of the rail pass.

3.2 The pass holder should file a police report within 24 hours of the loss or theft of the pass.

3.3 The pass holder must either purchase a replacement rail pass or point to point tickets for the remainder of the trip. (Air and bus tickets do not apply).

3.4 Notice of the claim must be given to us within 30 days of return from their trip.

3.5 To submit a claim, pass holder must follow all steps under the section "To File a Claim".

3.6 If any claims made under this programme are covered by any other valid and collectible insurance or indemnity, we will only pay the difference between the amount paid under the other policy and the total amount which would otherwise be payable under this programme.

3.7 No change to this program will be valid unless outlined in writing and signed by us.

3.8 No legal action may be brought to recover on this programme within 60 days after a claim has been submitted as required herein, and no such legal action may be brought after one year from the requirement time for a claim to be filed.

3.9 Any provision of this programme that is in conflict with applicable law is hereby amended to conform to minimum requirements of such law.

To File a Claim:

Follow these simple steps in order to make a claim:

4.1 Report loss/theft to local police within 24 hours.

4.2 Purchase a new pass or rail ticket for the remaining days.

Within 30 days after returning home send us:

5.1 A notarised written report that includes the pass holder's name, the date the pass was validated, how many days were unused, and a description of what happened to the pass.

5.2 Your official police report and your replacement ticket receipt/s.

5.3 Also include a copy of your airline, ferry, coach or Eurostar ticket receipt.
Please make a photocopy of all documents for your own records.

Send all evidence to:

International Rail Limited,
(My Interrail.co.uk)
PO Box 153,
SO24 4AQ.
United Kingdom.