Interrail Pass Eligibility & Conditions Of Use


1. Residency:

Permanent residents or temporary residents of the countries listed in this section can purchase an Interrail Pass. 

Proof of citizenship can be established by a passport/identity card. Proof of residence
can be established by government issued residency documents.

Residents of an eligible country, in which there is no participating railway (e.g. Albania) can still purchase an Interrail Global Pass or Interrail One Country Pass of their choice.

Please refer to section 4 of our terms & conditions for the list of participating railways.

Citizens from one of the countries of the European Union or one of the countries listed hereafter, or persons officially residing in one of the countries from the European Union or one of the countries listed hereafter, are eligible to travel with an Interrail Pass:

2. The Countries:

The eligible countries are:

Albania; Andorra; Austria; Belarus; Belgium; Bosnia-Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus Czech Republic; Denmark*; Eire; Estonia; Finland; North Macedonia; France; Germany; Great Britain; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Italy; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Moldova; Monaco; Montenegro; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Russian; Federation San Marino; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain*; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey; Ukraine; Vatican City


*Denmark: includes the Faroe Islands but excludes Greenland

*Great Britain: includes the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Gibraltar

*Spain: includes Melilla, Ceuta and the Canary Islands

3. Age: 

Interrail Passes are available for all ages. Please familiarise yourself with the below age classifications before purchasing your Pass:

Youth: The Interrail Youth Pass is for individuals who are under 28 but over 11 years on the first day of validity.

Adult: The Interrail Adult Pass is for individuals aged 28 years or over on the first day of validity.

Child: The Interrail Child Pass is for individuals aged 4 to 11 years inclusive on the first day of validity. Children under the age of 4 usually travel free subject to the conditions imposed by participating railways.

Senior: The Interrail Senior Global Pass is for individuals aged 60 and over. 


Pass Validity:

3. Railway Validity:

The Interrail Pass is valid on all participating railways.

4. Pre-booking:

A Pass can purchased up to 11 months before your first travel date.

5. Validities:

Interrail Global Pass validity:

The Global Pass can be purchased for either consecutive (continuous) use or flexible use.

The consecutive validities available are:

The flexible validities available are:

Interrail One Country Pass validity:

The One Country Pass can be purchased for flexible use within 1 month.

The validities available are:

Note: Travel may not be taken before the first day of validity of the pass or after the last day of validity.

6. Valid ID & proof of residency:

A valid passport and satisfactory proof of permanent residency or residency for 6 months or more in an eligible country must be held and provided upon purchase and whenever requested after the Pass has been purchased.

Please contact us for further information.

7. For personal use only:

The Interrail Pass is personal and non-transferable and thus is only valid for use by the pass-holder.

8. During your trip:

Whilst travelling with your Interrail Pass, you must at all times ensure that you will be able to produce, the same proof of identity/residence/age (identity card, passport or residence permit etc) that you used at the time of purchasing your Interrail Pass. The information printed on your Pass (e.g your name, passport/identity card number, country of residence etc) may be checked by railway staff to ensure that it matches the details given on your proof of identity. If it does not, your Pass may be rendered invalid (void) and taken from you.

We do not accept any responsibility for the issuing of any Pass based on inaccurate information that has been supplied by you.

Please contact us for further information.

9. Interrail validity on trains: 

Your Interrail Pass is not valid on all trains - e.g. German 'Metropolitan' services between Hamburg and Essen, Dusseldorf and Cologne. The Interrail Pass may not be valid on other trains and services from time to time.

Please check our website for relevant updates before you travel.

9.1 Country of residence

Your Interrail Globel Pass is also valid for only one outbound and one inbound journey in your country of residence. Please read full details here before using your Pass in your country of residence.

10. 1st & 2nd Class validity:

The Interrail Adult Pass and the Interrail Child Pass are valid for travel in the class of accommodation to which they apply. Where a Pass is not valid for 1st class accommodation, upgrades to 1st class can be purchased.


Using your Interrail Pass:

11. Recording details of your journeys:

With your Pass you will also receive a "Travel Report" which you must complete the "Journey details" section before each journey which you intend to make using your Interrail Pass. Journey details which you will need to add to this log include date, time, departure and arrival stations, the train/ship number and what type of seat/sleeper accommodation you are using.

It is important that this form is completed throughout your travels, as you will need to be able to present an up to date form for validation when requested. Please also ensure that you include details of any journeys for which you have had to purchase additional tickets.

12. Overnight Journeys:

A day on your Interrail Pass starts at 00.00 and ends at 23.59. If you make a journey on a direct overnight train, the day of departure needs to be valid and you will need to enter this date in your "Travel Report".

If however the overnight train is not a direct service and other trains are needed to get to your destination after your sleeper arrives then both the departure and arrival dates will have to be entered in your "Travel Report".

With an overnight ferry, the same rule applies that your date of departure needs to be entered in your "Travel Report". If you connect onwards by train or another ferry once you arrive then the next day's date will also need to be entered as a second day of travel.

13. Fees:

Some fees are not included in the price of your Interrail Pass, these are:

Other supplementary charges (e.g. seasonal supplements) may be imposed from time to time and we will try to advise of these charges as best as we can.

Reservations and pass-holder fares for Interrail pass-holders are limited and are subject to availability at the time of booking. Please ensure that you book early enough in order to avoid disappointment.

14. Supplements:

Some rail journeys may require supplements. Services which normally require supplements are: 

Supplements may also be required on other services from time to time. We will try our best to advise of these as necessary

Eurostar services: A special Pass holder rate is applicable.

15. Railway requirements:

Please check the requirements of the participating railways in regards to the conditions applicable to the travel of children/young people. In some cases it is a requirement that a child is accompanied by an adult and it may be necessary to produce the consent of a parent or guardian to the making of the journey.

16. Seat availability

Seat availability is not guaranteed with an Interrail Pass. Seat reservations are compulsory on some journeys. 

Please refer to our country specific information section for further details

17. Pass Benefits:

Bonuses may be available to holders of Interrail Passes from certain participating railways where the Pass is valid in the country of that railway. Please refer to the pass benefits and country specific information pages, of each Pass for further details. 

18. Accuracy of entered information:

During your travels, inspectors on trains reserve the right to confiscate a Pass for which data has not been completed, has been altered or where supporting evidence of identity/residence/age cannot be provided or is not satisfactory. In such cases payment for the full price of the ticket for the journey being undertaken will be required and a penalty will be imposed.

Please contact us for further information.