Plan Your Interrail Trip

So you have decided on your Interrail trip! But now you are thinking it is time to do some research and get down to planning all the specific details of your adventure. In this section you can be sure to find details on all the things that will help you start organising the details of your trip!

The Interrail Map

So you want to get your plans on the way and start preparing the details of your Interrail adventure?

The Rail Planner App

Plan your My Interrail adventure the easy way!

Train Reservations & Supplements

With your Interrail Pass you can easily travel without a reservation on many local and regional trains in the Interrail country of your choice.

Top Interrail Tips

With an Interrail trip or any travel adventure for that matter, there's always lots to remember.

Travel Tips

Now that you have your Interrail Pass, the excitement can really begin!