France In Pictures

France has something for everyone, from shopaholics and history lovers to sun worshippers.

Have a browse through now and get a small taste of what awaits you on an Interrail trip through France.

Nice - Arial view

Nice: Aerial view

Paris - City View

Paris: City view

Maury - Old Vineyard

Maury: Old Vineyard

Dijon - Alain doire

Dijon: Alain doire

French Riviera - Cannes

Cannes: A gem in the French Riviera

Paris - Opera Garnier

Paris: Palais Garnier

Strasbourg - France

Strasbourg: Couverts and Cathedral

Avignon - France

Avignon: City view

Chartres - City Cathedral

Chartres: City Cathedral

Bourges - City Cathedral

Bourges: City Cathedral

Normandy - Rue du Gros-Horloge Roue Haute

Rouen: Gros Horloge clock

Loire & Orleans - Cathedral

Orleans: Cathedral

Metz- Night view

Metz: Night view

Rodez - Conques

Rodez: Conques