Interrailing - An Overview

Europe is beautiful, vast and brilliantly diverse. But what’s the best way to travel across the continent that brought the world tennis, opera, currywurst and the Sound of Music? Introducing everything you need to know about Interrailing. 
The majority of Europe is well-connected with national train networks. With an Interrail pass, you can hop on and hop off trains as you explore to your heart’s content. But how does it all work? And what are the benefits of Interrailing? 

How does Interrailing work?

Interrailing offers an easy way to travel across Europe by train, with just one ticket or ‘pass’ for all journeys. You’ve got two passes to choose from:

Both passes are designed to make your adventure smooth and hassle-free, and you can even upgrade to a Premium Pass, which allows you to reserve seats in advance for free. 
Armed with your Interrail pass, you can enjoy a cost-effective, convenient way to travel. And with a whole host of extra discounts, your holiday budget will stretch even further as you adventure from country to country. 

What perks do you get with an Interrail Pass?

The perks of Interrailing are endless, and of course the biggest benefit is the freedom you get to explore an entire continent, exactly how you want to. 

You get plenty of money-off perks with your Interrail Pass, too. Discounts vary from country to country, ranging from cut-price tourist attractions to discounted hostel stays. For example your Interrail pass is valid on the S-Bahn metro network in Berlin and you’ll get free seats on some ferry routes between Italy and Greece. 

Children under 4 are free, and children up to 11 years old can also travel free of charge with a Family Pass. If you’re under 26 years old, you’ll get a 25% discount, while over 60s senior passes offer 10% off.
And let’s not forget your free Interrail travel pack, complete with pass guide, railway map and a protective wallet! 

How often can I travel?

When you buy your Interrail Pass, you’ll need to choose a set number of travel days to be used within a certain timeframe. For example, our 5 days within 15 days Global Pass allows you to travel on 5 days, within a set 15 day period. The choice of how and when you use these 5 travel days is up to you, and over the course of 24 hours you can take as many train journeys as you like. This option is perfect if you’re planning on staying in each place for a few days. 
If you want to travel almost every day, that’s fine too. To travel on consecutive days, choose a pass that allows continuous travel, such as the 15 day or 22 day continuous Interrail Global Pass