Top European Art Cities

Europe is full of amazing art and culture, it’s definitely a slice of paradise for any art lover.

There is so much choice that it can be hard to pick the best bits. That’s where we come in, we have picked our favourite art cities for you right here. 


Interrail Germany - Berlin Art

Berlin - contemporary art at heart

With hundreds of art galleries and thousands of resident artists, Berlin definitely is at the heart of contemporary art. Artists such as Alicja Kwade, Jeppe Hein, Candice Breitz, Ceal Floyer and many more call Berlin their home and their artistic influences can certainly be felt around the city. From quirky to cool and from humorous to unusual art, Germany’s capital lays on a truly unique creative experience. 

Our Berlin art favourites:

Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin

Pool Gallery Berlin - Interrail

Pool Gallery

Peres Projects Berlin - Interrail

Peres Projects

Galerie Crone-Berlin Interrail

Galerie Crone

Berlinische Galerie - Interrail Germany

Berlinische Galerie


Berlin Art Week -Interrail


Berlin Art Week



Interrail Spain - Barcelona Art

Barcelona - an art wonderland

An Interrail trip to Barcelona promises to be a truly memorable experience from so many different perspectives and art is guaranteed to be one of them. The wealth of art you can see and experience in Barcelona really is endless. From Picasso to Gaudi, from contemporary art to photography and from historic art to illustrations.  A trip to Barcelona promises to be a dream for any lover of the arts.

Our Barcelona art favourites:

Joan Miro Foundation

Joan Miro Foundation





Interrail - Gaudi Architecture

Gaudi Architecture

Angles Barcelona - Interrail

Angles Barcelona Art

Barcelona art Esther Arias

Esther Arias Art Gallery



Interrail Spain - Barcelona Art

Prague - an artistic mystery

Exploring art in the Czech capital is certainly quite an experience. Why you ask? Well, if you want to explore it then you will have to go looking for it and that is exactly what makes art in Prague so special. Because when you do find it, you will be amazed by the liveliness and uniqueness of it. 

Our Prague art favourites:

DOX Contemporary Art

Prague National Museum


Lennon Wall

Museum Kampa

Leica Gallery Prague