5 Top European Cities to visit right now 

Europe contains a rich tapestry of culture, traditions and charm. With coasts, beaches, castles, palaces, old towns and mountains to explore – there’s only one way to do it…

With an Interrail Pass you’ll be able to explore Europe, by train, at your own pace. Sit back, relax and enjoy the picturesque landscape as you travel to your chosen destination with ease.  

Still need convincing? Here are 5 of our favourite European cities to visit right now:


  1. Warsaw, Poland

It’s no secret that Warsaw had a tough time in the past, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes it’s now a hub of designer shops, pubs, bars, restaurants and fun. It’s the largest city in Poland, and it’s UNESCO protected Old Town is also one of the brightest. You’ll be able to experience lush greenery in one of its many parks, visit memorials, museums, monuments and more. There are also some street corners where you literally cannot move for doughnuts. So, there’s really no reason to not check it out, is there?


  1. Prague, Czech Republic

You may often hear Prague referred to as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s also one of the largest cities in Europe! Over the centuries various building styles began to boarder the city’s market, which have added to its unique charm. Prague has lots of Insta-worthy photo opportunities, and if you’re in to your beer make sure you check out Beer Geek. It offers 32 different beers created by Czech producers as well as brewers from all around the world.


  1. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest gives the most budding explorer the opportunity to become fully immersed in its rich history. Witness the bullet holes and shrapnel pockmarks on buildings as you uncover the history of what happened during WW2 and the 1956 uprising. Enjoy goulash with one of Hungary’s excellent wines at a local Hungarian restaurant. And if you’re a fan of hot springs, there are plenty for you to choose from.


  1. Split, Croatia

Situated on Croatia’s Dalmatian Cost, Split is the perfect location for those looking for discovery and sun.  Combining just the right amount of modernity with tradition you’ll enjoy soaking up the sights and sounds in this popular, buzzing tourist destination. Loved for it’s clear seas, people, food and history – make sure you check it out in the summer.


  1. Innsbruck, Austria

Wouldn’t you love to see the place where winter sports take place and late gothic style is evident everywhere? Innsbruck, the capital city of Tyrol, is complemented by surrounding mountain ranges. We urge you to pay a visit to one of Austria’s most breath-taking cities and enjoy what the heart of the Austrian Alps has to offer.


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