Austria Railway Information

Your Interrail Pass is valid on all Austrian trains which are run buy the ÖBB and trains run by the various private railway companies.

Train Service

The ÖBB offers hourly services of modern InterCity and EuroCity trains on the following main routes between:

Private Railways in Austria:

Your Interrail pass also entitles you to travel on the following private railway companies in Austria:

WESTbahn Upgrade: For a fee of €7.50 you can get and upgrade and travel in the WESTbahn PLUS car and get a second seat for free. The upgrade is available once you have borded the train.

International train connections

Austria has very good international train connections.

Connections between the major Austrian cities and international destinations including Budapest, Bratislava, Basel, Ljubljana, Venice, Prague and Munich are frequent and efficient.

Facilities and services on trains

Beverages and snacks

The Austrian railway provides an at seat refreshment service on over 60 of its trains. Passengers can choose from an wide choice of drinks and snacks from these refreshment services.

International & top trains: Dining Cars are available on Austrian international and selected top trains, which are all managed by partner companies of the Austrian railway.

Bikes on trains

You will able to take your bike on most trains in Austria once you have bought a special bike ticket.

Trains do not always have a dedicated space for bikes; you can leave it in the vestibule area or consult the ticket inspector for assistance regarding the storage of your bike.

Additional information for Austria


Liechtenstein is a very small country that is situated between Switzerland and Austria. When your Interrail pass is valid in Austria, you can also travel to Liechtenstein. ÖBB offer a rail connection that takes you through Lichtenstein which departs from Feldkirch,  Austria and terminates at Buchs, Switzerland. Liechtenstein only has four small train stations: Forst Hilti, Schaan-Vaduz, Nendeln and Schaanwald.