Bosnia-Herzegovina - Railway Information

Trains in Bosnia-Herzegovina are operated by ZFBH (Željeznice Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine) and ZRS (Željeznice Republike Srpske). Each of these railway companies operates train services in one of the two main parts of the country.  

ZFBH (Željeznice Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine) operates in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its trains service various routes within the Federation including the Doboj – Sarajevo – Ploče main line. Please visit the ZFBH website if you want to find out more about this railway company in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

ZRS (Željeznice Republike Srpske) Operates in the Republika Srpska, one of two political entities that makes up Bosnia-Herzegovina. A number of routes are served by ZRS including the route Doboj – Banja Luka – Novi Grad. 

Train Service

The Sarajevo to Mostar route is the most popular tourist train route used in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This route is served by one daily train. This train also continues to the harbour city of Ploče situated on the Croatian coast.

International train connections

Sarajevo has direct international connections with Zagreb (Croatia) and Ploče (Croatia). The direct connections with Belgrade (Serbia) and Budapest (Hungary) are suspended. If you want to travel to Belgrade or Budapest you'll have to go via Zagreb.

Facilities and service on trains:

Bikes on trains

Unfortunately bikes are not allowed on trains in Bosnia-Herzegovina.