Bosnia-Herzegovina Trains

Reservations & Supplements

Keeping in line with the spirit of Interrail, train travel can be adventures and rather easy going in Bosnia-Herzegovina, you can just hop on and off most of the local and regional trains are reservations are not required.

But it is always good to keep in mind that your Interrail Pass does not always guarantee you a seat and sometimes you will need to make a reservation too.

So to give you piece of mind, we recommend that you make sure you understand everything there is to know about seat reservations and supplements on Bosnia-Herzegovina's Trains before you travel. 


Not all of Bosnia-Herzegovina's trains require reservations but some do. We highly recommend that you check reservation requirments for trains in Bosnia-Herzegovina in this section and make any reservations before you travel.

Reservations are not required for:

It is not possible to make reservations for domestic trains within Bosnia-Herzegovina. Thus you will not need to worry about making seat reservations on trains including the following:

Reservations are required for:

You may need to make reservations for international train travel from Bosnia-Herzegovina or journeys on night trains.

Please check the ZFBH website for details of reservation requirements for International and night trains.

How to make reservations for trains in Bosnia-Herzegovina:

Details of how to make reservations on trains in Bosnia-Herzegovina will be included with your Interrail Pass.


Please click here for details of Interrail Supplements.