Bulgaria Railway Information

Train Service

BDZ (Bulgarian Railways) have two major train routes, these are:

1. Sofia – Varna: The travel duration for this route is 7-8 hours. Overnight travel is possible on this train route.

2. Sofia – Burgas: The travel duration for this route is 6-7 hours. Overnight travel  is also possible on this route. 

The main train station in Bulgaria is the central station in Sofia, from which most international train journeys take place in the country.

International train connections

International trains from Sofia: 

The city of Sofia is the main station in Bulgaria for international train departures and arrivals.

Most International trains depart from the central station ('Tsentralna Gara') in Sofia. Central Station has direct international connections with:

Trains to Romania:

A train route from Vidin now connects Bulgaria to other parts of Romania too.

The route that now runs from Vidin to Craiova in Romania, with 2 trains running in both directions each day.

Note: Your Interrail Pass must be valid in both Bulgaria and Romania for you to travel on this route. 

Facilities and services on trains

Bikes on trains

You will able to take your bike on most domestic trains in Bulgaria. But in order to do so you will need to pay a supplement, the price of this supplement can varies depending on the distance you intend to travel.