Croatia Railway Information

Train Service

Trains in Croatia are operated by Croatian Railways (HZ - Hrvatske Åželjeznice) who run different types of trains within the country.

Major cities including  Zagreb and Split  are now connected through the new 160 kph "tilting trains". Which means higher levels of comfort and significantly faster journeys between cities in Croatia. For example the trip from Zagreb  to Split is now only  5.5 hours instead of 9 hours.

Types of trains:

In Croatia there are 3 different types of trains:

  1. Local trains: These trains normally only offer 2nd class unreserved seating.
  2. Express trains: These trains may require you to make a seat reservation before you travel.
  3. Executive Trains: These trains only offer 1st class seats to their passengers.

Travelling to Dubrovnik

If you are planning to visit Dubrovnik,  you will have to travel to the city of Split by train and from there take a bus to Dubrovnik.

International train connections

Croatia has direct international train connections to the following countries:

Facilities and services on trains

Bikes on trains

You will able to take your bike on certain trains upon advance purchase of a special bike ticket.