Denmark Railway Information

DSB (Danish State Railways - Danske Statsbaner) is the national railway company of Denmark.

Train Service

Hourly services of modern InterCity trains connect København (Copenhagen) and Zealand with the main towns. Furthermore a train leaves for Odense on the island Funen every half hour. The InterCityLyn trains reach Aarhus from København within 3 hours and Odense is only a 1¼ hours’ train journey away from København. InterCityLyn is a fast train with fewer stops

Private Railways in Denmark:

Your Interrail pass is also valid for use on trains operated by the following private railway companies in Denmark:


Interrail passes are also valid on the S-tog or S-train, the suburban rail network of Copenhagen operated by DSB. It connects the city centre with the inner suburbs of Copenhagen. The S-tog trains run partly underground.

International train connections

The Öresund Link (Europe's longest bridge/tunnel) connects Copenhagen with Malmö in Sweden. Every 20 minutes a train service operates between Helsingør (Elsinore), Copenhagen and Malmö, and on the Swedish side of the Öresund, trains will go to Helsingborg and Kristianstad.
As for connections to Gothenburg and Stockholm, there are direct trains from Copenhagen to Gothenburg. For Stockholm you have to change in Malmö.

Traveling by ICE High Speed train you can use the return service from Denmark to Germany.

Facilities and services on trains

Bikes on trains

Bicycles are allowed upon purchase of a special bike ticket. From May to August bike space must be booked in advance for IC and ICL trains.