Germany Railway Information

The Germany rail network is operated by Deutsche Bahn (DB). Your Interrail Pass is valid on trains operated by Deustche Bahn (DB)

Train Service:

InerCity & regional trains:

The main rail network in Germany is made up of the following regional trains and intercity trains:

Domestic high-speed trains in Germany:

These high-speed trains operate within Germany:

ICE and ICE Sprinter trains include an on-board restaurant. Snacks and drinks can also be served to your seat.  In 1st class there may be extras, like newspapers, power sockets, audio channels and video screens.

Domestic night trains in Germany are run by NightJet trains.

International connections:

These international high-speed trains operate to and from Germany:

Train stations of bordering countries:

The following night trains connect Germany with other European countries:

These trains connect Germany to key cities in Austria and Italy.


Facilities and services on trains:

Bikes on trains

Bikes are allowed on most Intercity and Eurocity trains (there is a bike symbol in the timetable), reservations are required for bike spaces. Bikes can be taken on IRE, RE and RB trains upon purchase of a special bike ticket, no reservation is required. In some cities bikes can be carried on S-Bahn trains free of charge.