Hungary Railway Information

Your InterRail pas is valid on valid on all trains operated by the national railway company MÁV-START in Hungary.

Train Service:

Inercity (IC) trains: Taking an Intercity (IC) train is the fastest way to travel from Budapest to the following cities:

Intercity (IC) trains or the Express trains (Gyorsvonat) are the faster trains and have comfortable 1st class (elso osztály) sections.

Local trains are relatively slow in Hungary. 

Private Railways in Hungary:

Your InterRail pass also entitles you to travel on the following private railway companies in Hungary:

​GYSEV operates a number of train routes, including:

For more information please feel free to check the GYSEV website (only in German and Hungarian)

International train connections:

 Hungary has direct train connections to and from the following countries in Europe:

There is no direct train connection between Hungary and Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina).

Facilities and services on trains:

Beverages and snacks

Bikes on trains

You will able to take your bike on most trains in Austria once you have bought a special bike ticket.

Trains do not always have a dedicated space for bikes; you can leave it in the vestibule area or consult the ticket inspector for assistance regarding the storage of your bike.

Additional information for Hungary:

In all Hungarian train stations a yellow board indicates departures (indul) and a white board arrivals (érkezik). Express trains are indicated in red, local trains in black.