Luxembourg Railway Information

The railway network in Luxembourg is operated CFL and covers about 250 kilometers of the country.

The Luxembourg Railways run to the "Horaire Cadencé" schedule. This means that there is at least 1 train every hour to every station at the same time of every hour between 8:00 and 20:00.

Train Service:

Domestic trains: Luxembourg railway station is the central hub of Luxembourg's domestic railway network, serving as a final destination for all but one of Luxembourg's railway lines.

Luxembourg city has 4 train stations:

​Main national routes: The main national railway connections that are available in Luxembourg are:

Note: Please visit thheOn the CFL website for  a full list of railway stations in Luxembourg.

International train connections:

Luxembourg railway station is also the main station for international departures and arrivals. The country has international railways connections with the following countries:

TGV: These are international high speed trains connecting the country to other European countries. Rreservations are required on these trains.

Facilities and services on trains:

Bikes on trains

Bikes are allowed on most trains upon purchase of a special bike ticket.