Poland Railway Information

The national railway company of Poland is called PKP.

Train Service:

Your InterRail pass is valid for use on trains operated by PKP, which is the national railway company of Poland.

Your Pass is also valid on certain trains operated by the following regional train companies:

International train connections:

Poland  as international train connections on day trains and night trains.

International day trains:

There are international day trains that will take you to:

International night trains:

There are International night trains which will take you to:

Facilities and services on trains:

International trains: 

All international trains have air-conditioned coaches.

Bikes on trains:

You will able to take your bike on most trains once you have bought a special bike ticket.

For some international trains you will need to make a reservation to be able to board the train with your bike.

Trains do not always have a dedicated space for bikes; you can leave it in the vestibule area or consult the ticket inspector for assistance regarding the storage of your bike.