Romania Railway Information

Romania's railway network is regulated by the Romanian Rail Authority (CFR). The railway network of Romania is made up  of 11,380 kilometers.

Romania's railway network is one of the largest (the 4th in Europe) and most dense in Europe. On average a train station can be found no further than 10km from any Romanian village.

Train Service:

Domestic Trains:

There are various types of trains in Romania, but there are 2 main types of trains which provide the fastest connections within the country. They are:

Innercity (IC) trains: Running on the route Bucharest – Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest – Timisoara, and Bucharest – Iassy

ICE trains: These are 2 pairs of trains running on the route Bucharest – Constantza. 

International train connections:

With daily international train services Romania is quite well connected to other European countries. 

Some international train connections from Romania include:

Facilities and services on trains:

Bikes on trains

Bicycles are only allowed on domestic trains that have special storage facilities and upon advance purchase of a special bike ticket.