Serbia Railway Information

The Serbian railway company ┼Żeleznice Srbije operates trains in Serbia.

Train Service:

From Belgrade (Beograd), travellers can take a day or night train to beautiful cities such as Bar (Montenegro). covering one of the most interesting and picturesque routes through the mountains, traversing 276 tunnels and numerous bridges.

International train connections:

Belgrade (Beograd) the capital city, has regular and direct rail connections with capital cities in Central and Eastern Europe. Connections are available on both day and night trains and a few of these European destinations are:

The Avala: These trains operate on the route Belgrade – Budapest – Vienna. Passengers exiting in Budapest (Hungary) and Vienna (Austria), can take connections to the rest of Europe.

Facilities and services on trains:

Bikes on trains

Bikes are not allowed on trains in Serbia, except when dismantled and carried as hand luggage.