Slovakia Railway Information

ZSSK is the national railway company of Slovakia. Your InterRail pass is valid on all trains operated by the ZSSK.

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is an intersection of all types of transportation: train, ship, road and air. The railroad tracks follow rivers and run through mountain valleys. The Strbske Pleso train station in the High Tatras is the highest altitude train station, at 1320 meters above sea level.

Train Service:

InterCity trains: These trains provide a comfortable travel option within Slovakia.

IC trains: With connections almost every hour these trains link Bratislava, Ĺ˝ilina, The High Tatras and Košice.

Journey times:

the journey time between the two largest cities in Slovakia, Bratislava and Košice is 5-6 hours on IC trains.

International train connections:

Slovakia is well connected to a few European countries. International train connections are available between Slovakia and the following countries:

Facilities and services on trains:

Bikes on trains

You will able to take your bike on most trains once you have bought a special bike ticket.

For some international trains you will need to make a reservation to be able to board the train with your bike.

Trains do not always have a dedicated space for bikes; you can leave it in the vestibule area or consult the ticket inspector for assistance regarding the storage of your bike.