Switzerland Railway Information

The national railway company in Switzerland is Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB), or Chemins de Fer Fédéraux (CFF) in French and Ferrovie Federali Svizzere (FFS) in Italian.

Private railway companies in Switzerland: 

There are also a lot of private railway companies which operate in Switzerland. Some of these companies are included in your InterRail pass while other companies offer discounted travel.

These companies are:

Train Service:

There are several types of train that will take you to your destination. On Swiss trains the journey itself is often a main goal in itself.

The different types of train services available in Switzerland are:

Domestic connections:

International train connections:

International high-speed trains in Switzerland:

These high-speed trains operate to and from Switzerland:

Facilities and services on trains

Beverages and snacks:

Inercity and ICN network trains: There are restaurants on these trains in Switzerland and on the international routes to Germany and Austria.

Inercity trains: These trains also have Air-conditioning, dining cars, mini-bars and children's playroom cars.

Bistro services: There is also a bistro or trolley service in some trains.

Bikes on trains

Bikes are allowed on most trains free of charge if there is enough room (most likely outside peak hours). Some trains have indications in the timetable that no bikes are allowed or that a fee applies.