Secure Shopping with My Interrail

My Interrail takes your security very seriously and we make every effort to ensure your payment on our site is processed with utmost security and your personal details are kept equally safe.

How we ensure you have a safe and secure shopping experience:

There are several things we do to ensure that you have a secure shopping experience with us. These measures we take are outlined below:

We keep your personal details safe:

• Our secure payment gateway is provided by Global Iris which is a part of  Global Payments.
• You will notice that our checkout page has a "https" prefix as well as a lock symbol alongside the page URL. This shows that you are in a secure environment.

secure online shopping-My Interrail

• Your card details are not stored by My Interrail and cannot be accessed by any member of staff. This is why we need you to type in these details every time you place an order with us.

We protect you against fraud:
How you can help us ensure that you have a secure shopping experience:

Have a look at the list below and find out what you can do to help us provide you with a secure shopping experience.

No credit card fees when you buy from My  Interrail:

Whilst doing our best to ensure you have the safest possible shopping experience on our website, we also like to provide you with additional benefits when you buy your Interrail Pass from us.

That is why we have ensured that you are not charged any credit card fees when you place your order on our website using any of the below payment methods:

If you have any further questions or concerns about your security whilst shopping on our website, then please feel free to contact us.