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Keeping in line with the spirit of Interrail, train travel in France is an exciting and fun voyage.

But to give you piece of mind, we recommend that you make sure you understand everything there is to know about seat reservations and supplements on trains in France  before you travel. 

Reservations are required for:

We would recommend reservations, if you are intending to use any of the following trains in France:

  • High Speed Trains: Reservations are required on the TGV high speed trains as well as the Thalys high speed trains.

  • Intercity Trains: If you are intending to travel on InterCités trains, you will need to make a reservation.

  • Night Trains: You will be required to make reservations for the following night trains:

    • CityNight Line (CNL),

    • Elipsos(EN) 

    • InterCité de Nuit

Reservations are not required for:

The following trains in France do not need you to make a reservation:

  • TER: Reservations are not required for these regional trains.

How to make reservations for trains in France:

Details on how to make reservations on French trains will be included with your Interrail Pass.


Please click here for details of Interrail Supplements.

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