Italy Railway Information

Italy's railway network is operated by Trenitalia which offers national rail transport in Italy and international connections to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, and Switzerland. 

Train Service:

Regional & InerCity trains in Italy:

Italy's regional and InterCity trains operate frequent services across the whole of Italy, including routes through the islands of Sardinia and Sicily.

  • Trenitalia regional trains (R): The regional transport trains within a single region, stopping at almost every station en route, connecting them with the larger towns and within regions.
  • Trenord regionale trains: cover the central northern region of Lombardy (Lombardia), which borders Switzerland
  • InterCity trains: connect key cities like Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence. They are relatively fast and make fewer stops than regional trains. Reservations are recommended for these trains during high season (May - September) and public holidays.

Domestic night trains:

Travel between the north and south of Italy by night, saving you precious travel time while you sleep.

High-Speed trains:

High-speed trains in Italy are comfortable and modern.  High-speed train connections are available to all of Italy's popular cities.

TrenItalia operates 3 Le Frecce (Eurostar Italia) high-speed trains:

  • Frecciarossa trains: These trains travel on the Velocità (High Speed) line between Turin and Salerno and connect the main Italian cities from north to south. Connections  on these trains are fast, frequent and regular. These trains always require a seat reservation
  • Frecciargento trains: These are high-speed trains which connect Rome to the main cities in the northeast and south of Italy including:
  • Rome and Venice
  • Verona/Brescia/Bolzano
  • Bari/Lecce
  • Lamezia Terme/ReggioCalabria
  • Naples and Venice
  • Frecciabianca trains: These trains will provide you with comfort and quality services. 4 trains every day connect 87 medium- and large-sized destinations, with departures every 13 minutes, from 5 a-m. to 9 p.m..

Journey times:

Journeys by train in Italy are reasonably fast

Some journey times are:

  • Rome - Florence in 1,5 hours
  • Florence - Pisa in 45 minutes
  • Florence - Venice in less than 3 hours

International train connections:

EuroCity (EC):

These are day trains which make it possible for you to travel right to the heart of other European cities from Italy. Travel on these trains is easy and comfortable, ensuring that your InterRail journey will be as comfortable as you want it to be.

International night trains:

Night trains connect Italy with Austria and Germany!

These night trains operate to and from Italy:

  • EuroNight Allegro: Bologna – Florence – Milan – Rome – Venice – Vienna (Austria)
  • EuroNight Toscana Mare: Livorno – Klagenfurt – Venice – Florence – Vienna (Austria).
  • City Night Line: Rome – Florence – Venice – Innsbruck (Austria) – Munich (Germany)

Facilities and services on trains:

High Speed trains:

All trains high speed trains have:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Large luggage racks
  • Power sockets for electronic devices
  • Refreshments and usually a restaurant car

Note: Smoking is not permitted on any trains in Italy.

Bikes on trains:

Bikes are only allowed on suburban and regional trains marked with a bike symbol in the timetable and upon purchase of a special bike ticket.

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